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Women's Health

From puberty to menopause and everything in between, a woman's journey through life is one of consistent change and adaptation. Often these changes can be unsettling - challenging one's identity, relationships, body image, professional life, mental health and more. 

We are not meant to navigate these changes alone and with support, a woman's journey can be one of empowerment and transformation. 

That is the work I am here to do with you. I will partner with you as you move through these powerful stages and step into greater and greater alignment with your most embodied, powerful, intuitive, creative and wise self. 

I am a current member of Postpartum Support International and The North American Menopause Society. I am a certified Perinatal Mental health practitioner and am pursuing certification as a certified Menopause Society Practitioner. I am in constant pursuit of the latest research on the topics of women's health and I am passionate about bringing that knowledge to my clients. 

I pair my clinical experience with unwavering compassion, commitment to elevating the experience of every woman, and deep faith in the human ability to heal and transform.


Through empowerment, education, listening and reflection, I will help you navigate life's stages with grace and courage. 

If you're ready to begin, reach out to me to set up a free 15 minute phone consultation. 

I can't wait to meet you and join you on this journey!

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